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100% Pure Merino Wool Ball - 1kg

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I have spent years working with many varieties of merino wool and learning exactly which materials are the very best for making high quality blankets and accessories. 

In my own products I only use the highest quality merino wool that is naturally hypoallergenic, flame resistant, self-cleansing (handy around any muddy paws!) and regulates to your body temperature. 

This 1kg merino wool ball is exactly what I use in my own workshops and products - it is my absolute favourite choice for knitting. With 1kg of this wool you will be able to make a round cushion or 1/2 wreaths.


  • 100% pure merino wool
  • Unspun
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Ideal for arm-knitting or for use with 40mm needles

You can use this wool for making chunky blankets, giant knit blankets, weighted blankets, cushions, accessories. 

Take your pick from any of the merino wool colours shown. 

Please note: your merino wool ball can take up to 14 business days from placing your order to delivery. 

Care Instructions

All products are made from 100% pure merino wool, please hand wash in luke warm water and dry flat.