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Blanket Small - Chunky Knit Merino Wool - Sunset Yellow

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Unspun giant knit 100% merino wool blanket in Sunset Yellow great for throwing over a chair, sofa or footstool.

A small 30” x 50” merino wool chunky knit blanket made from high quality unspun merino wool... Merino wool has fabulous qualities including: 

Hypoallergenic – suitable for anyone who suffers from allergies, hayfever and who normally cannot tolerate wool near their skin. Merino fibres deter allegens and is suitable for babies and their sensitive skin.

Flame Retardant – this was a game changer for me! As most of us like to light candles or have an open fire in our homes these days. If a flame did catch your blanket or cushion it would not go up in flames unlike an inexpensive acrylic alternative!

Self Cleansing – the merino wool repels water and is stain and odour resistant.

Breathable – merino wool regulates to your body temperature, keeping you warm when you feel cold and cool when you're feeling hot.